Cotê Hair Care

When Las Vegas-based Cotê Hair Care debuted its boutique line of cleansing and styling products in 2015, it set out to send ripples through the multibillion-dollar international beauty business and that ripple is now a splash.

The presiding philosophy of the brand is to “do more with less,” and that manifests itself in multiple ways, starting with the hybrid collection of only eight products, with each doing more than one thing. “There’s a big myth that you need all these products,” says CEO Brent Golden, formerly vice president of sales for Paul Mitchell. “You don’t need five shampoos and five conditioners.”

Cotê Hair keeps costs low by making its own bottles and tools. Caps were recently switched from black to green to be more evocative of the company’s performance-powered-by-plants philosophy, and Cotê Hair is partnering with American Forests, which will plant more than 100,000 trees in 10 years, to maintain a carbon-neutral footprint. Golden says that the soy and corn proteins used in the company’s products are free of parabens, sulfates, GMO and gluten. Cotê Hair also avoids animal-testing and animal byproducts. All of Cotê’s hair products are custom formulated by professional Hair stylists for today’s salons.